Detachment Clerk – Vital Anchor


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The following was posted in RCMP Mates on Facebook.  It highlights the huge role that the Public Servants working in the Force play in everyday operations and we thought we would share it with you.

James Forrest
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Detachment Clerk – Vital Anchor

The NCO in charge of Sylvan Lake Detachment in “K” Division, Reg. #42225 S/Sgt., Andrew Shepherd speaks very highly of his Detachment Clerk, PSE Theresa Dempster. Her number one asset?

“Passion for the job! She brings it every day! An invaluable source of information for me and the other members, we rely on Theresa for her vast knowledge about our community and our interaction, past and present. She is as close as you get to the front line without wearing a gun. I might be the NCO i/c but she runs the place.”

Theresa began her career working for a criminal defence lawyer but soon felt she needed to be on the other side of the law. Perhaps influenced by her uncles and brother, all of whom were members, (in fact, she is one of 11 relatives who have served or are serving). Her Mounted Police career began in January 1981 at Sylvan Lake Detachment where she has been and still is a most valuable RCMP Team member.

38 plus years of honourable, dedicated service: We commend Theresa for her service and welcome her as another Pillar of the Force!


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