Cst. Laurier Cadieux


Every day, policemen use their skills and quick judgment to not only protect us but to defend our democratic way of life and uphold the law.  Many of these policemen undertake this responsibility without regard to their personal safety – risking their lives to help others.

Our country owes a debt of gratitude to these unselfish policemen.  One such policeman is Constable Laurier Cadieux.




On December 8, 1984, Constable Laurier Cadieux and Jennifer Turner were out for dinner at the Walnut Grove Keg Restaurant.  At the time, Laurier had only been in the RCMP for three years and was stationed at Surrey Detachment.   At the time, Jennifer was  the Surrey Detachment’s Victim Services Coordinator.

They were on the second floor of the restaurant when a vehicle pulled up in front.  This vehicle contained four heroin addicts who were heading back to Nanaimo, B.C.  Being short of funds, they decided to conduct an armed robbery of the Keg Restaurant.

The only female in the group exited the vehicle and in her pocket was a model 445 Webley revolver.

This female’s job was to quickly enter the restaurant and locate the primary cash register.  A few moments later, the two males entered each carrying a loaded 12 gauge shotgun.

Once inside the main floor of the restaurant, one male discharge a shotgun blast into the ceiling then immediately yelled out “everyone get on the floor.”   Two startled waiters ran towards the rear fire exit and the gunman shot one of the waiters in the back of the neck.

Laurier and Jennifer heard the two shotgun blasts.  Without hesitation, Laurier got up and walked quickly down the stairs to the main floor.  As he reached the bottom of the stairs, Laurier noticed a woman holding a handgun in her right hand.  He immediately tackled the woman by grabbing the handgun with his left hand and used his right hand to choke out the woman.   Seconds later, Laurier had possession of the handgun.

While still holding the woman, Laurier immediately observed a male standing in the doorway holding a shotgun.  Using the unconscious woman as a shield, Laurier pointed the handgun at the male then yelling out “police – drop the shotgun.” This male immediately ran out of the building to the getaway car.

Laurier then swung around and noted a second male holding a sawed off shotgun.  Instead of running out side, the male ran upstairs.  Without hesitation, Laurier dropped the unconscious woman to the floor and pursued the armed suspect.

As Laurier reached the top of stairs, he quickly noted the gunman was standing with  his back against the wall while customers sat at their tables.  According to Laurier, he ducked into a clothes closet to find a better position to shield himself from any gunshot blast.  Seconds later, the gunman discharged a blast in the direction of Laurier.

Next Laurier peered out from the safety of the closet to return fire with the seized Webley revolver.  According to Laurier, “I pulled the trigger but nothing happened.”  It was later discovered that the suspects had loaded the model 445 Webley with cutdown 44 magnum shells.  Laurier was later advised that if the gun had discharged it would have blown up in his face.

Not being raddled by the Webley not firing, Laurier pointed the revolver in the direction of the gunman and yelled out “police put your gun down.”  A few moments later, the gunman yelled back “I give up” and dropped the loaded shotgun.

To restrain the gunman until the police arrived, a waiter assisted Laurier subduing the suspect so that Laurier could tie up the suspect with his shoe laces.

While Laurier was upstairs, the female regained consciousness and ran out the front door to the getaway car.  During the early stages of the robbery, the police had been called and Langley Detachment members eventually apprehended the three other robbery suspects in their getaway vehicle a short distance away.

It was discovered later that the waiter who had been shot in the neck received only minor injuries.  All four suspects were convicted of Armed Robbery.

In November 1985, Constable Cadieux received the Commissioner’s Commendation for Bravery at the Surrey Detachment’s Regimental Dinner.

Based on the fearless action of Constable, Laurier Cadieux, he was awarded the Star of Courage by the Governor General of Canada on the June 26, 1987.  Constable Cadieux was the first member of Surrey Detachment to receive the Star of Courage medal.

Throughout his 30 year career in the Force, Constable Cadieux continued to provide outstanding courage and quick action regardless of the circumstances.  In his final years in the Force, he was on the Premier’s Protection Detail.