Chief Counsellor

Dear Members of the Association,

Our very talented Chief Advocate, Ruby Burns has now resigned from the Board of Directors.  We wish her ongoing enjoyment of her retirement from the Force and now the Association.  In her liberation she will be free to pursue any whimsy that she comes across.  We will miss her guiding hand.

Tennyson – “Drink Life to the Lees”, Ruby.

Joining the Association Secretariat and taking up the task of Chief Counsellor (new title) is Lethbridge Association member, Mike Duffy.  This is a second go-around for Mike and we welcome the expertise and enthusiasm that he brings to the job.  His intense focus on the work in this area and his unabated sense of humour make for a force to be reckoned with.

Mike recently completed a revision of the Advocate’s Manual bringing it up to date for the start of 2021.  The manual which has been retitled “Guide to Health Benefits Services 2020” is attached as well as being  available on the Association website.  You can click directly on the address below for immediate access:
The manual is very informative as to what services are available for Association members and you may wish to save the document in a location where it can be readily retrieved.
Guide to Health and Benefits


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