Celebrating Women In The RCMP

Phtotograph of three female RCMP members (Source of photo - Sheldon Boles).





To celebrate the 40th anniversary of women in the Force, the RCMP Veterans’ Association – Vancouver Division’s 2014 levee theme has been designated as “Celebrating Women in the RCMP.”



For this levee, the Vancouver Division has extended an invitation to all serving and past members of the Force.  Posters have been sent out to all Detachments within the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

Purpose of this theme is to:

1) provide an opportunity for serving members to meet with and share experiences with RCMP Veterans;

2) strengthen the Force’s ‘esprit-de-corps‘ by understanding the contributions made by past members of the Force; and

3) recognize the contributions made by female members over the past 40 years.

Many female RCMP Veterans will be in attendance such as: Donna Morse from the original female troop #17 (1974/75) and Jane Hall – author of the book entitled “Red Wall: A Female in The RCMP.”

A special Wall of Honour will be on display to pay tribute to the contributions that women have made to the Force and the communities they served.  In addition, the wall will include photographs and details of all the female members who were killed on duty while in service of their country.

This levee promises to be a memorable evening.  Therefore, we are inviting all retired members to attend this level.  Details about this level are outlined below.