Canadian Riots

Photo of RCMP Riot Squad Member


The most recent riots in Montreal raised much discussion at a local Koffee Klatch with some retired RCMP Veterans and their involvement in some of the most recent Canadian riots.

Historically, riots have been a means for groups of individuals to protect their objections to a wide range of issues.  By definition, a riot is a disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons acting together in a disrupting and tumultuous manner in carrying out their private purposes.

Regardless of the stimulus for the riot, today’s police forces have the legislated responsibility of maintaining law and order.

The “Ask Men” website identified the top ten riots in Canada.  These ten riots are outlined below:  According to the “Ask Men” website, the identified and ranked the top ten riots in Canada.  Their listing is as follows:

 #10 – Vancouver Gastown Riots – August 7, 1971

#9 – Stanley Cup Riot – 2008

#8 – Concordia Anti-Netanyahu Riot – On September 9, 2002

#7 – Winnipeg General Strike – 1919

 #6 – Stanley Cup Riot – 1984

#5 – Guns N Roses Riot In Montreal – 1992
#4 – 3rd Summit Of The Americas, 2001 – 

#3 – The Sir George Williams Computer Riot – 1969

 #2 – The Richard Riot – 1955

#1 – Stanley Cup Riots – 1993

To many policemen who confronted rioters, the above list seems out dated and should be updated to reflect more recent Canadian riots.  Some of these more recent and notable riots in Canada are listed below and we have included links to video clips of these riots.

 Quebec Summit FTAA Protest 2001

 Don’t Mess With Quebec 2011

 Vancouver 2011 Stanley Cup Riot

 Toronto G20 – Rioters vs Police

 Vancouver APEC

 In each of these riots, it was the police tactical teams which combated the gangs and groups of anarchists/hooligans.  Regardless of the colour of the police uniform, the  tactical teams formed the single resemblance of civility in our society. Beyond the tactical team, the next level of defense were the Emergency Response Teams and the Canadian Military.

For the RCMP Veterans who were members of a police tactical team, their memories at these riots will never be forgotten.