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Saluting Healthcare Workers

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Members of the Force have been recognizing the work of Canadian health professionals in British Columbia in quite a striking fashion

What follows is a story from Narcity dated March 29 that describes the reach-out that the members are involved in.

The story is reproduced hereunder. There are videos in the story and they may be viewed by clicking here.

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Lisa Belmonte4 days ago
Updated on March 29 @ 02:17 PM

This heartwarming trend is taking over the world and in some parts of Canada, and now the national police force is getting involved too. The healthcare worker salute by B.C. RCMP popped up in different parts of the province during the week. In some spots, workers also came out to applaud the salute.

In different parts of the province, RCMP detachments have been showing their support for healthcare workers in their communities.

In Burnaby, the police force came out every evening at 7:00 p.m. to put on their sirens and flash their lights.

“It’s like our virtual hug to help get them through,” Cpl. Mike Kalanj told Burnaby Now. “Our frontline health-care workers support us first responders 24/7. We see their work ethic on a daily and nightly basis. Right now, it’s like seeing your sister or brother overwhelmed, and you just want to tell them, ‘We believe in you, and we are here to support you.'”


Healthcare workers came out of one hospital in Burnaby, clapping and cheering.

Kalanj said that on March 26, some RCMP officers even came in early for their shifts that night so that they could participate in the salute.

Other emergency services also took part in this initiative, like firefighters, EMTs, and local police officers.

Other RCMP detachments in the province also got in on the fun. Officers stopped by Ridge Meadows Hospital during the week to clap for the healthcare workers there with sirens blaring and lights flickering on their vehicles. In North Vancouver, the RCMP joined the local fire and ambulance services in a drive-by outside of Lions Gate Hospital to show their support for frontline workers. A similar drive-by procession happened outside of Chilliwack General Hospital too.

It’s not only the RCMP and other first responders that are showing their support for healthcare workers. In Vancouver, people have been cheering and clapping from their balconies for doctors, nurses and others trying to keep Canadians safe during this time. The same thing has happened in Toronto too.



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