A Ride in the Park!

Our Vancouver Division Vice-President Gordon Cave, Reg # 36045, was searching through some old boxes and found some black and white photos taken in Regina in September 1954.  His father Ralph Cave, Reg # 16736, a long-time member of the Vancouver Division and a well remembered member and Riding Master of the Musical Ride was partaking in the jumping events.   The pictures were probably taken by Ralph’s wife with the family Kodak Brownie.   Taken from a long distance, the photos still give a good idea of what members did to “earn their spurs!”

Recruits posted to assist if required, note the brown fatigues and “whitewall” haircuts.  Many horses can be seen in the background.  Displays like this no doubt made a nice break in training for recruits and staff families.

Below:  What the Roman’s could do; the Mounted Police can do just as well!  In Roman riding, the rider stands atop a pair of horses, with one foot on each horse.  Roman riding is one of the older forms of riding, and was performed during the time of the Roman Empire.

Whoa boys! I gotta stand up!

Good thing there was no such thing as the Canada Labour Code back in the 1950s!  Imagine if they saw RCMP members and their horses jumping through burning hoops with no protective gear other than a brown fatigue jacket and forage cap.

Below a horse and rider are heading north to south:

Below: another run – south to north

I wonder if the horse needed some special grooming after the demonstration to remove singed hair?

Recruit’s can’t catch a break…. a couple of card games are disturbed!

“Sorry to break up the card game fellows!  Watch out for the hooves!”

“N” Division – Late for coffee break!  Imagine getting paid to do this!

A tip of the old Stetson to former Riding Master S/Sgt. Ralph Cave

A drawing of Ralph Cave done by now
Insp. Darren Campbell, Reg # 42927/O.3061
Riding Master Ralph Cave – “N” Division.  This is the official photo taken of Burmese prior to being presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Damn, Ralph looked great on a horse!
Ralph, well into retirement, all dressed up and ready to attend an Annual Police and Peace Officer’s Memorial Parade. With the assistance of his friends Insp. Darren Campbell andS/Sgt Jack Robinson, Reg # 29925, (Ret’d) all the uniform requirements are met!
The Riding Master takes one final salute!
When the Musical Ride performed in Surrey during the 2010 Olympics, Ralph, pictured with his wife Marguerite, was the one person, of all possible VIPs, who should be, and was,honoured by a salute from those who have followed in his hoof prints to this day.

Rev: 2019-07-13

Ric Hall 24394/O.1330

Photograph of retired RCMP Superintendent Ric Hall (Source of the photo – Ric Hall’s Photo Collection).