A New Fashion Accessory – Ottawa Division

Designer Fashions from Ottawa Division

Dear Members of the Association,

Our colleagues in Ottawa Division have excelled themselves in their support for the Beechwood Cemetary Project and personal protection gear for the Covid 19 pandemic.

The Division has put together a short history of their mask project and it is included hereunder.

But, prior to that they have also provided comments from Ottawa Division member Ian Miller (not the equestrian) on his view of the current state of the Association.

Congratulations to the Ottawa team for pulling this all together.

James Forrest
Director of Communications

From Ian Miller to Suzanne Sarault of Ottawa Division

Suzanne, First let me thank you for the great job you and your fellow members are doing in not only providing the COVID 19 masks but in helping to give reason to the Vets’ Association.

I’ve been a member since I retired and paid my yearly dues but attend few meetings for any number of reasons, most, if not all, personal.

With the arrival of Sandy Glenn and his many helpers, I see/read/ feel a positive, real-life movement moving forward with the Association.

I seldom do e-mail, do not use a smart phone and realize I am working from the dark ages but that does not mean I don’t appreciate the Force, it’s’ members, past and present.

God knows my journey through the Force was awesome. Some ups, some downs, but always in the end, where it was intended to go. I hope the Force survives its’ many current crises and grows. Keep safe.

Ian Miller

2020, a year like no other and a new fashion accessory



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