A Message From The Board of Directors

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This information is being provided to all Association Members

A Message from the Board of Directors

Dear Association Members,

When we think back on the reasons that we joined the Force many may come to mind. Through all those reasons though, one has been a driving internal motivator. The desire to help others. Members of the Force go into situations where others, often with good reason, flee the scene. A shooting, a riot, a domestic, a deceased individual, a car crash and the list goes on. Many of our members have experienced horrendous situations that still haunt them to this day – yet they carry on.

Now we are faced with a pandemic, the likes of which nobody has ever experienced. Sickness and death haunt our country and despite the risk to themselves members of the RCMP, serving and retired are meeting this threat with courage and remarkable conviction.

In our Association, members from coast to coast to coast are stepping into the breach and helping those in need. Shuswap in the west, Toronto in the centre and Newfoundland in the east along with all our Divisions across the country are calling, assisting and delivering. Calling to ensure that a member has all they need to survive, assisting in the maintenance of a residence – shovelling snow, delivering food to members and citizens alike.

Our Association is rising to meet and challenge Covid-19. The current saying is “we are all in this together” and our Association is no different.

The work of our Divisions is nothing short of remarkable and the spirit of our members is indomitable. We all know the rules of engagement with Covid-19 but not all are well enough equipped to deal with it and this is where our members are shining in helping others.

Your Board of Directors is also here to help and if there is anything that a member needs or anything that you think our Association could be doing in the fight against Covid-19 please do let us know.

Our office members,

  • Executive Officer, Dr. James A. Evans
  • Chantal Renaud
  • Danielle Poirier

are, as per the Commissioner’s direction regarding the pandemic, not working in the office at the RCMP Canadian Police College, but rather at home. They do remain available and may be contacted through

Both these numbers are being monitored and messages left are being triaged and responded to. The office will continue to serve our members, albeit, somewhat more slowly.

All the RCMPVA.org email addresses are still active and being answered as usual.

The Commissioner’s video instructions to the members of the Force regarding Covid-19 may be viewed by clicking here.

Noli Timere

RCMP Veterans’ Association
Board of Directors


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