Veterans Submitted: Top Twelve Videos





Over the pas week, we have received many videos from Veterans across Canada.






Based on these submissions, we have selected the following as being the top twelve.  These videos are provided for your viewing pleasure and our Association does not support or promote any products presented in any of these videos.

1) Veteran Larry Litke submitted “What A 12 Shift Is Like For An RCMP Officer

2) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “Interesting Social Experiment

3) Veteran Ric Hall submitted “Kids Flash Mob”

4) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “A Sign Of Friendship In The Midst Of War – The Christmas Truce 1914

5) Veteran Phil Juby submitted “Brazilian Prank – Living Toys

6) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “Old Ladies With Spray Glue

7) Veteran Dan Lemieux submitted “The Shepherd

8) Veteran Comp Kelly submitted “This Stewardess Pulls No Punches

9) Veteran Jim Bramhill submitted “Kimberly Mountie Frees Elk Stuck In Fence

10) Veteran David Ewing and John Connolly submitted “Smartest Prank Ever From Brazil

11) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “Impossibly Fast Growing Christmas Tree Gag

12) Veteran Phil Juby submitted “A Boat For Real Fishermen!

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