Veterans Submitted: Top Ten Photos

Photograph of an old camera




Over the past few weeks, we have received many submitted photographs that Veterans have taken or they have discovered of interest on internet.

We have sorted through these photographs and selected the top ten.  Noted photographs are included for your viewing pleasure:



1) Veteran John Connolly submitted “Always Carry Chalk In Your Car – Just In Case You Need It

9-2-2013-8-17-15-AM2) Veteran Johnny Trubble submitted “Finally A Well Dress Shopper In A Florida Walmart

9-2-2013-8-20-21-AM3) Veteran Phil Juby submitted “Size Does Matter

9-2-2013-8-22-15-AM4) Veteran Dan Lemieux submitted “Spitfire Mr IX At The Abbotsford Air Show

Airshow-2013-0715) Veteran Ric Hall submitted “Photograph To Take Your Breath Away

9-2-2013-8-36-38-AM6) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “Cook On The Barbeque

IMG_03757) Dorothy Martinson submitted “Vancouver Division’s Centennial Committee Members

Dorothy_Martinson_photo8) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted Niagara Falls church’s pro-gay sign goes viral” – for further details check out the article  

download9) Veteran Harold Fiertag submitted “RCMP Musical Ride Trailer

RCMP-Musical-Ride-Trailer10) Veteran Dan Lemieux submitted “Incredible Invention



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