Veterans Submitted: Top Ten Photos

Photograph of an old camera




Over the past week, we have received many internet photographs which were submitted by various Veterans.

Based on the submissions, we reviewed them and selected the top ten.  They are provided below for your viewing pleasure.



1) Veteran Phil Juby submitted “Comox Air Show Lift Off” – check out other photos from this airshow

Photograph from the Comox Airshow

2) Veteran Johnny Trubble submitted “Falcon Resting In A Tree

Photograph of a Falcon resting in a tree

3) Veteran Dan Lemieux submitted “Zeppelin Eureka” – check out some amazing photos of and from the Zeppelin

Photograph of a Zeppelin

4) Veteran Phil Juby submitted “Olde But Goody

Photograph of old Ford

5) Veteran Larry Litke submitted “Saskatchewan Got It Right” – On a budget but want a pool?

All you need is a few bales of hay, a cheap Wal-Mart plastic tarp and fill ‘er up. And when you’ve had all the fun you can stand, call the cows in to drink the water, remove the tarp and let the horses eat the hay… Made only with a tarp and hay bails and rope!  Neat idea!

Photograph a Saskatchewan hot tub

6) Veteran Comp Kelly submitted ” Jack Bally’s MANNED 1/3 Scale B-17

Photograph of scaled down B17 Bomber

7) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “KKK Bride” – check some other unusual photos

Photograph of a KKK bride

8) Veteran Jim Simpson submitted “Tyee Club – Latest Edition” – check out the story

Photograph of latest Tyee Club member

9) S/S/Major John Buis submitted “RCMP At The Air Show

Photograph of RCMP at the Air Show

10) Veteran Ric Hall submitted “Flying Log for Inspector Dye when he flew the Royal Family in 1970” – note the different signatures from the members of the Royal Family.

Photograph of the Flying Log of Insp. Dye with the Royal Family.



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