Veterans Submitted: Top Sixteen Videos




Over the past week, we have received many submitted videos from several Veterans.






We have reviewed these videos and have selected the top sixteen.  Our Association does not support any comments or products contained in these videos.

1) Veteran Bill Sedler submitted “Golf Couple Affair Confession

2) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “Impatient Truck Under A Train

3) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “Cops Lip Sync Can’t Stop The Feeling

4) Veteran Ric Hall submitted “Lt. General Silveria Addresses Cadets About Racism Incident

5) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “The Golden Boys

6) Veteran Bill Sedler submitted “Why Sleep On Your Left Side – Interesting

7) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “Cops Lip Sync Can’t Stop The Feeling

8) Veteran Donna Morse submitted “Night Witches

9) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft: A Journey’s End

10) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “Fireworks Mount Fuji

11) Veteran Ric Hall submitted “How I Have Had Enough – Brandon Tatum Destroys The NFL

12) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “U-Safe: A revolutionary Buoy Drive Itself Around In The Water By Remote Control

13) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “Trump Train

14) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “Guy Martin Builds A Spitfire MK1 – Channel 4

15) Veteran Glen Morrison submitted “Here Is The Greatest Trump Vs CNN Fake News Movie Of All Time

16) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “Funny Talking Animals

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