Veterans Submitted: Top Sixteen Videos





Over the past week, we have received many submitted videos from Veterans across the country.






Based on our review of these videos, we have selected the following sixteen videos as being the best.  Our Association does not support any comments or products contained within these videos.  Noted videos are provide for your viewing.

1) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “Morning Exercise With Dog

2) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “Watch Canadian Doctor Takedown Ill Informed Anti-Obamacare Senator

3) Veteran Jacques Drisdelle submitted “Hammer Theraphy For Back Pain

4) Veteran Annette Jockel submitted “Dog Doesn’t Recognize Owner Until He sniffs Him

5) Veteran Phil Juby submitted “L.A.P.D. Pursuit And The Shootout – From Movie ‘End of Watch’”

6) Veteran Ric Hall submitted “Slingshot Accident

7) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “World War II – Last Fighter Pilot – Capt. Jerry Yellin On War And Survival

8) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “Reaction Of Glass Bridge In China

9) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “Port Huron Police Offiers Test Dashcam & Lip Sync

10) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “The Messerschmitt Bf. 109 Found In An Old Barn

11) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “Finally – A Pope With A Sense Of Humour!

12) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “Kung Fu Pepsi – Ask For More

13) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “Messerschmitt ME 262 Schwalbe – First Flight Over Berlin After 61 Years

14) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “Gonzales, Gonzale!

15) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “25 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Monday Than You

16) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “HE 111 Heinkel Bomber Tour And Flight Demo

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