Veteran Submitted: Top Sixteen Videos





Over the past week, we have received many submitted videos from Veterans across Canada.





Based on our review of these videos, we have selected the following as being the best sixteen videos.  Our Association does not support any products or comments contained in these videos.  Noted videos are provided for your viewing pleasure.

1) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “Brazilian Ping Pong

2) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “How To Move To Canada

3) Veteran Steve Gibson submitted “US Navy – NAWCWD Land Range

4) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “New Years 2013 – Synchronized Epic Music

5) Veteran Dan Lemieux submitted “Dustin Johnson Trick Shots

6) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “Chinese Olympic Kayak Team

7) Veterans Dan Lemieux and David Ewing submitted “12 Year Old Singing Ventriloquist Gets Golden Busser – America’s Got Talent 2017

8) Veteran Don Wilkie submitted “The Most Touchng Speech Made By Bride’s Father To The Groom

9) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “The Fastest Ship World Has Ever Seen

10) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “Top 10 Incredible Stories Of Real Life Cops Turning Into Action Heroes

11) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “24 Things Nobody Does Better Than Donald Trump

12) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “A New Message For Donald Trump From Former Mexican President Vicente Fox

13) Veteran Ric Hall submitted “Callaway – The Best TV Ever Funny Gold Commerical

14) Veteran Dan Lemieux submitted “Guard My Bike – I’ll Be Right Back

15) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “2016 Rewind: Amazing Places On Our Planet

16) Veterans Dan Lemieux and Bruce Waite submitted “National Geographic Channel Paid $1 Million Dollars To Person Who Shot This Video

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