Ukraine Fundraiser

Don Kirkland, a Veteran of the Vancouver Police Department has provided the following:

“Ukraine Fundraiser to Support Don Kirkland’s Son

My son Glen Kirkland is one of those guys volunteering in Ukraine. He has been there since March 3rd transporting food and aid from Poland into Ukraine and then transporting refugees (mostly women and children) from Ukraine into the safety of Poland. His old workplace Green Acres Golf Course is putting together a fundraiser “poker night” for Glen’s gas money and expenses. Just wondering if you could possibly post the details on “mossey coppers” to see if there would be interest in supporting this fundraiser for his efforts.

Glen is doing this totally as a civilian volunteer, but in the past he was in the Canadian Army (for ten years) and was posted in Afghanistan against the Taliban, where he was severely injured (fire fight and explosion) in a LAV involving five Canadian soldiers…three killed and two injured and Glen being one of them.

Needless to say, I don’t want him in Ukraine but I want to support him and the fundraiser….. Just wondering if you could possibly post the info. about the fundraiser on mossey coppers for me please (if it is not too much of a bother) …..below is the info… if anyone would like to support Glen they can just etransfer me the ticket cost and I will put the ticket in their name. My ph. 604-862-5997.

Location:                Greenacres Golf Course

5040 No. 6 Road Richmond

Date:                      Saturday, May 7th, 2022

Time:                      5pm Registration

$$:                           $70.00 Buy-In

 $35.00 Re-buy (first 1 ½ + top off)”



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