RCMP Judo Team -1937

In the early 30s, a commissioner (probably meant an officer of some sort) from the local Vancouver RCMP detachment attended a February Judo tournament in order to observe the hand-to-hand combat aspect of Judo. Steve Sasaki’s display of the martial art made quite an impression on the RCMP representative. Soon afterwards, the commissioner contacted Ottawa and requested permission to replace boxing and wrestling training with Judo. However, the RCMP decided that Sasaki would have to demonstrate the effectiveness of Judo against the local police boxing and wrestling champions. Sasaki, in incredible shape and holding a third-degree black belt at the time, defeated both the boxing expert and the local Mountie wrestling champ. About two weeks later, the Vancouver RCMP detachment received orders from Ottawa to put Judo instruction among their regular courses, while boxing and wrestling became options. A short time after that, Sasaki opened a Judo Dojo located at the Heather Street (Fairmont) Barracks. Eleven officers began training in Judo under Sasaki, with practices held twice each week. In 1934, eleven officers of the RCMP were awarded the rank of shodan, first-degree black belts – one of the earliest serious involvements of non-Japanese Canadians in Judo.

Photograph of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) participants and officials at the 10th Annual Canadian Judo Championships in Vancouver in 1937. Front row, left to right: Superintendent Fowell, Shigetaka Sasaki, Assistant Commissioner Cadiz, Etsuji Morii, Inspector Genan. Unfortunately, the names of the Sgt. Major and the Judo Team members are not given. Got to love the “spats” worn by the two officers.


Read more: http://www.judobc.ca/history/judo-in-british-columbia/

The picture appears to be taken in front of the main door to Fairmont Barracks the framework and panelling of the door appears in other photos taken at Fairmont.   Fairmont Barracks as we all know it was first opened in 1912 as a boy’s school.  Although difficult to see in the corners just above the arch the wood is engraved with “1914”.   What is the history to that?   Were new doors installed after the building was opened?   We will probably never know the answer to that question if the new owners of Fairmont Barracks have their way in demolishing the building:

From the Vancouver Sun – dated Oct. 28, 2017

It may be listed in the Vancouver heritage register as a building of primary significance, but some First Nations say Vancouver’s former RCMP Fairmont Academy is a symbol of oppression that should be torn down. 

The 1912 Tudor-style building was acquired by the Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh Development Corporation and Canada Lands Company (CLC) in 2014.


Read more:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/squamish-chief-suggests-tearing-down-vancouver-s-historic-rcmp-barracks-in-spirit-of-reconciliation-1.4375207

Assistant Commissioner Raymond Lawder Cadiz, Reg # 4726/O.179, the Commanding Officer “E” Division at the time the photograph was taken was born in Dublin, Ireland.  He joined the RNWMP in June 1908 and retired as a Deputy Commissioner, HQs in January 1944.

He served at “Depot”, “F”, “N”, “Depot” “E”, “D”, “K” and as the C.O. “H”, “C”. “E” and “D” Divisions.   He resigned his RNWMP commission during WW I and joined the Rifle Brigade, 14th Battalion and soon was commissioned a Lieutenant.    He was severely wounded in January 1918, hospitalized in England and Ireland.   Upon his return to Canada he was re-engaged in the RNWMP, January 1919, as an Inspector at “Depot”.

Deputy Commissioner Raymond Cadiz



Superintendent Henry Maurice Fowell, Reg # 3573/O.231 joined the NWMP in April 1900 and SOS July 1943.   He served in “K”, Yukon, “F”, “E” and “D” Divisions.  He served with “B” Squadron in Siberia.   He took leave of the Force in 1907 and rejoined in 1914.  Between 1912 and 1914 he was the Chief of the North Cowichan Police Department.   It must have been a tough job, he was the only member of the department and patrolled North Cowichan by motorcycle.   No photograph could be found of him.

I could find no information or a photo of Inspector Genan.   Perhaps his name was misspelled at the time of photograph.

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