New Book: Death And Other Stories: From Red River Carts To Peggy’s Cove With The RCMP

Death and other Stories: From Red River Carts To Peggy's Cover With The RCMP by David Nadeau





Here is a new book for your to consider for the Christmas season.





Death and other Stories—from Red River Carts to Peggy’s Cove—contains hundreds of stories from the RCMP Quarterly. The edited material, originally published by policemen for policemen, is gripping and easy to read. The articles show the nitty-gritty of daily police life, the pain, pleasures, and humor of policing, and how the Mounties helped make and shape the national fabric, as Canada matured through the Depression, the Second World War, and afterward. Well illustrated.

Not all articles, domestic or international, are specific to law enforcement or crime. Many—human interest, escaped prisoners of war, land and sea rescues, curious cases, bravery, bizarre twists of fate, and tragedies—show Canada being well served in her remote and urban corners by the Force.

Paperback: $40, plus postage

David Nadeau

Box 2773

Three Hills, AB

T0M 2A0 (Death and other Stories—from Red River Carts to Peggy’s Cove), $8.13 Cdn

Constable S.A Grant provided the following review of this book:

“I was reminded twice last week of the awesome responsibility of wearing this uniform. The first was a routine situation, but one which we all dislike performing: telling the complainant you can’t solve a break-in. There was no physical evidence, no witnesses, and no leads. The home had been vacant for more than three months and nothing was taken. I had done my best, yet this was a hard one. Why? Because my elderly client expected me, the Mounted Policeman, to solve her case. To her, the facts were immaterial. We always get our man, don’t we? She was hurt, confused, and even a bit angry, and although I’ve delivered the same discouraging news to many people over the sixteen years I’ve worn this uniform, it still hurt. I felt I had eroded her faith in us. The next day, I was called to a snowmobiling fatality. When I arrived, the ambulance was already there and the attendants were trying to revive a man who had clearly frozen to death hours earlier. The victim’s elderly father stood nearby, sobbing quietly in his grief and horror. Then he saw me, and with a glimmer of hope in his eyes, he exclaimed, ‘Thank God, the Mounted Police are here!’ I had no miraculous way to restore his dead son, no words beyond my condolences to ease the pain, and yet my presence, or rather the uniform I bore, somehow brought a flickering moment of hope. Our greatest friends have always been our seniors. They have stood by us during the difficult times; their loyalty, faith, and respect never waver. They grew up believing in a legend, an inheritance, which is our pride and sometimes our burden to uphold. Lest we forget that responsibility, or to whom we owe our greatest thanks.”

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Death and other Stories: From Red River Carts To Peggy’s Cover With The RCMP by David Nadeau

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