May 10 – 17: Gone But Not Forgotten

Photograph of RCMP bronze statute - "E" Division Memorial




As a retired member of the Force, each member is a component of an extended family regardless of where they reside. When a RCMP Veteran passes away – their old colleagues phase for a moment to reflect on the good times they had and the memories they created.



Despite the times that deceased member was serving their communities and away from their families, the Veteran’s family members are extremely proud of the contributions made by the recently departed.

Photograph of RCMP crest#55779 – Cst. Don CAREFOOT  passed away on May 3rd.  Don was a serving member on medical leave at the time of his passing.  After a courageous two year battle with cancer, Don passed away at the Kelowna General Hospital.  He put on a brave face right up to the end.  He was talking to his family only an hour and a half before passing.  Don had a young family.  A 12 year old daughter and 10 year old son.   His wife Trish quit her job to look after Don.  Needless to say Don’s family is devastated.  

A Trust Fund has been set up for the family at:

Interior Savings and Credit Union

3718 Elliot Road

West Kelowna, B.C.

V4T 2H7

Branch # 00430-809

Account # 7280563  Don & Trish Carefoot family Trust Fund

Donations can be made at any Credit Union in B.C. or by cheque or email. 

Photograph of RCMP crest#18129, Frm. Mbr. Cst. Edward James Ewart “Ted” ANDREW died from cancer on May 13, 2013 in Bromont QC. Ted was a member of the Force from 1953-03-05 to 1960-08-23. As Ted requested, there will not be any funeral. 

C’est avec regret que nous devons vous informer du décès de notre confrère Ted ANDREWS; dans l’avant-midi du 13 mai 2013. À la maison de soins palliatifs AU DIAPASON de Bromont. 

À la demande de Ted, Il n’y aura pas de funérailles, Une cérémonie intime pour les membres de la famille aura lieu à une date ultérieure qui n’a pas encore été déterminée.

Photograph of RCMP crest


#21025 Rtd. Sgt. Edward Roy “Ted” LUCAS passed away on May 14, 2013 in the Royal Columbia Hospital, New Westminster,  BC.  Ted was a member of the force from 1959-07-17 and retired from Burnaby Detachment on 1994-07-21. Funeral arrangements are unknown at this time.


We have also included a listing of Veterans who have passed away over the last month.  For this listing, we have extracted a listing from’s Last Post webpage.  

This website was developed and is maintained by Veteran Jim Forsyth.  When an obituary is forwarded to the RCMP Veterans’ Association a copy is forwarded to Jim and it is posted within the day.  His list of most recent obituaries is the most up-to-date.

Extract from the website

Another excellent source for the tributes to past Force Veterans, I would encourage you to visit the National RCMP Gravesite Database developed and maintained by Veteran Joe Healy.

Photograph of RCMP Gravesite database website

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